Elias Abdel Ahad, Osteopathy Practitioner, PSTI - Psychosomatic Trauma Initiative

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Elias Abdel Ahad is a Manual Osteopathy Practitioner, holds a BSc in Physiotherapy and has thorough training in a wide range of holistic therapies including:

– Functional Medicine (USA)
– Cranio-sacral therapy (Canada)
– Reiki (France)
– Anthroposophist Therapist (Switzerland)
– Acupuncture (Lebanon)
– Hypnotherapy (USA)
– Relational Psycho-somatic Therapy (Canada)

Originally from Lebanon, Elias also specializes in Anthroposophic therapy (studied in Switzerland), only 4 people in Canada hold this degree, which reflects his deep understanding of our Body-Spirit-Mind connection.

For over 24 years, Elias has integrated his extensive knowledge in direct patient care with his skills, techniques and spiritual insights to help clients address chronic syndromes, obtain psychosomatic awareness and release severe traumas.

By invigorating the deep rhythms of the Body-Spirit-Mind connection, which is the essential expression of life, Elias helps clients awaken and strengthen their powerful life force to achieve optimal mental and physical well-being.

Created Psycho-Somatic Trauma Initiative (PSTI) with two MSW/Psychotherapists, in Toronto, a clinic mainly focused on Trauma.

Elias has facilitated professional workshops in Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Canada on numerous topics including:
Phases of Life, Child Development, Life After Death, Rhythmic Massage, Reiki and Chakras.

And he is a Lecturer at National Academy of Osteopathy (Toronto-Canada) where he teaches his own technique, SomaSofia.

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